The purpose and objectives of the partnership are the following:


- Use the foreign language on a basic level, both spoken and written.

- Improve his/her oral communicative competence.

- Work collaboratively with their partners from Berga and from Västervik.

- Learn about living conditions in both countries.

- Get to know students of the same age from another country.

- Become more skillful in working cooperatively and experience a new method to language acquisition.


- Establish a new pedagogy and teaching method by using modern IT technology based on Internet and

special software oriented for this type of application.

- Work collaboratively with other teachers from our departments and other teachers from another country.

The subjects we intend to include are the following:

- How each school is working in Sweden and Spain respectively

- What students do in their free time, daily life, family life.

- Traditions

- What it is like to be a young person in Sweden and Spain.

- Studies

- Life and institutions

- The environment